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New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary

New Maldhok Bird (Gangewadi) Sanctuary UPSC

The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary, situated in the state of Maharashtra, India, is a protected area dedicated to the conservation of various bird species and wildlife. Its diverse ecosystem features a Southern Tropical Thorn forest habitat, characteristic of the Deccan Peninsula biogeographic zone.

The sanctuary plays a vital role in the conservation of the Great Indian Bustard (Maldhok), a critically endangered bird species. By providing a protected environment and habitat, the sanctuary contributes to the survival of this majestic bird.

The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary's establishment marks a commitment to preserving biodiversity, protecting endangered species, and maintaining the ecological balance of the region. Its combination of avian diversity, conservation efforts, and research opportunities makes it a valuable asset in India's efforts to safeguard its natural heritage.

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  • New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Location
  • New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary History
  • New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Area
  • New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Flora
  • New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Fauna
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    • Birds
    • Reptile
  • New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary UPSC Questions

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Location

The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary is located in the Solapur district of Maharashtra, India. It spans several talukas (administrative divisions) in the Solapur district, including North Solapur, Madha, Mohol, and Karmala, as well as Karjat, Shrigonda, and Newasa Talukas in the Ahmednagar district. 

The headquarters of the New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary are in Nannaj in the Solapur District and Rehekuri in the Ahmednagar District. This sanctuary is known for its diverse bird species and serves as an important conservation area, particularly for the Great Indian Bustard and other wildlife.

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Nearest Airport:

The nearest airport to the New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary is Pune Airport, which is located approximately 250 kilometers away.

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Nearest Railway Station:

The nearest railway station to the New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary is Solapur Railway Station, which is around 22 kilometers away.

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary History

Establishment: The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary was established on February 25th, 2015.

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Area

The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary covers a total area of 1.98 square kilometers. This relatively compact area serves as a crucial habitat for various bird species and wildlife, highlighting the significance of conserving biodiversity within a limited space.

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Flora

The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary is blessed with a diverse range of flora that contributes to the ecosystem's health and the well-being of its inhabitants. Here are some of the notable flora species that you can find within the sanctuary:

  • Neem (Azadirachta indica)
  • Sissoo (Dalbergia sissoo)
  • Babul (Acacia nilotica)
  • Bor (Ziziphus mauritiana)
  • Tarwad
  • Henkal
  • Kusali
  • Pavanya
  • Sheda
  • Marvel

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Fauna (New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary Animals)

The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary boasts a diverse array of fauna species, showcasing the richness of its ecosystem. Here is a list of some of the notable fauna found within the sanctuary:


  • Wolf
  • Indian Fox
  • Jackal
  • Hare
  • Blackbuck
  • Antelope
  • Common Mongoose
  • Indian Pangolin
  • Wild Boar
  • Squirrel


  • Great Indian Bustard
  • Painted Stork
  • Darter
  • Oreintal white Ibis
  • Pallied Harrier
  • Eurasian Spoon-bill
  • Little Cormorant


  • Common Garden Lizard
  • Common Shink
  • Rat Snake
  • Russel Viper
  • Indian Monitar Lizard

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary UPSC Questions

Q. What is Maldhok sanctuary famous for?

A. The New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary is primarily famous for its significant role in the conservation of bird species, particularly the Great Indian Bustard. Here are the key reasons for its fame:

(i) Great Indian Bustard Conservation: The sanctuary is renowned for its efforts to protect the Great Indian Bustard, which is a critically endangered bird species. The Great Indian Bustard is one of the heaviest flying birds in the world and is native to the Indian subcontinent. Its population has declined significantly due to habitat loss and other factors, making conservation efforts critical.

(ii) Diverse Avian Population: Besides the Great Indian Bustard, the sanctuary is home to a wide variety of bird species, including Painted Storks, Darters, Oriental White Ibises, Pallied Harriers, Eurasian Spoon-bills, Little Cormorants, and more. Bird enthusiasts and ornithologists visit the sanctuary to observe and study these avian species.

(iii) Biodiversity Conservation: The sanctuary is not just about birds; it also supports a range of other wildlife, including mammals like wolves, Indian foxes, jackals, and blackbucks. This diverse ecosystem highlights the sanctuary's role in conserving a wide array of species.

(iv) Important Habitat: The sanctuary's unique Southern Tropical Thorn forest habitat within the Deccan Peninsula biogeographic zone adds to its significance. Protecting this habitat helps maintain biodiversity and supports numerous plant and animal species.

New Maldhok Bird Sanctuary

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