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Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary UPSC

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the state of Mizoram, India. The sanctuary is known for its unexplored forests and pristine natural beauty. It boasts sparkling streams, steep slopes, and salt lakes, which add to its scenic charm.

The sanctuary comprises various habitats, including tropical evergreen forests, tropical semi-evergreen forests, and scrub jungles. It falls within the North-east biogeographic zone of India.

The best time to visit the Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is from October to April when the weather is relatively pleasant, and wildlife sightings are more likely.

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  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Location
  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary History
  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Area
  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Flora
  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Fauna
    • Mammals
    • Birds
    • Reptile
  • Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary UPSC Questions

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Location

The Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Serchhip district of Mizoram, India. It is approximately 100 kilometers from Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, in northeastern India. 

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Nearest Airport:

The nearest airport to Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram is Lengpui Airport, which is located approximately 43 kilometers away. This airport serves as the closest air transport option for visitors traveling to the sanctuary.

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Nearest Railway Station:

As for the nearest railway station, the one you can use to reach Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is in Silchar, which is in the neighboring state of Assam. Silchar Railway Station is a major railhead in the region and can be accessed for those traveling by train. From Silchar, you can continue your journey by road to reach the sanctuary.

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary History

Establishment: Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary was officially declared on 29th November 1978. This date marks an important milestone in the sanctuary's history, signifying its establishment as a protected area for the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. 

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Area

The Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram covers an approximate area of 35 square kilometers. This area is set aside for the conservation of wildlife and their natural habitats within the sanctuary's boundaries. 

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Flora

The Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a diverse range of flora. Here are some of the plant species that can be found in the sanctuary:

Ficus semicordata: This is a species of fig tree commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions. It is known for its large leaves and is an important food source for wildlife.

Actephila excelsa: Actephila excelsa is a tropical tree species found in evergreen and semi-evergreen forests.

Strobilanthes capitata: Strobilanthes capitata is a species of flowering plant found in the sanctuary. It is known for its attractive purple-blue flowers.

Aeschynanthus parasiticus: This is an epiphytic plant, meaning it grows on other plants but does not harm them. It belongs to the family Gesneriaceae.

Torenia vegans: Torenia vegans, also known as bluewings or wishbone flower, is a small herbaceous plant with colorful tubular flowers.

Hoya lobii: Hoya lobii is a species of Hoya, commonly known as wax plant. It is known for its waxy, fragrant flowers.

Hedyotis scandens: Hedyotis scandens is a climbing plant that belongs to the Rubiaceae family.

Mussaenda roxburghii: Mussaenda roxburghii is a flowering shrub with attractive, colorful bracts.

Melastoma malabathricum: This is a species of flowering plant commonly found in tropical regions.

Mikania micrantha: Mikania micrantha is a vine species that can become invasive. It is also known as the "mile-a-minute vine."

Begonia roxburghii: Begonia roxburghii is a species of begonia, known for its ornamental foliage and colorful flowers.

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Fauna (Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary Animals)

What animals are in the Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary?

The Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a diverse range of fauna, including both mammals and birds. Here is a list of some of the notable wildlife species that can be found in the sanctuary:


  • Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Golden Cat
  • Leopard Cat
  • Marbled Cat
  • Jungle Cat
  • Serow
  • Goral
  • Himalayan Black Bear
  • Malayan Sun Bear
  • Jackal
  • Yellow-throated Marten
  • Hoolock Gibbon
  • Assamese Macaque
  • Slow Loris
  • Pig-tailed Macaque


  • Great Indian Hornbill
  • Wreathed Hornbill
  • Kaleej Pheasant
  • Bhutan Peacock-pheasant
  • White-cheeked Partridge
  • Red Junglefowl


  • Indian Rock Python
  • Common Monitor Lizard
  • Indian Cobra
  • Indian Skink

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary UPSC Questions

Q. Where is Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary located?/In which district Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is located?

A. Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Serchhip district of Mizoram, India.

Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary

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